Registering for Services

Step 1

Upon admission to Howard Payne University, complete and return the Learning Assistance Services Request form. This form should be completed and returned to the OLA office one to two weeks before class begins. Request forms can be completed electronically, mailed, faxed or hand-delivered to our office.

Step 2

Submit current disability documentation. Please note that your request cannot be reviewed until documentation is received. All accommodation requests will be evaluated based on your supporting documentation (see Documentation Guidelines). Upon receipt of your documentation, our office will review the materials. In most cases, documentation should be no more than three years old. You will be contacted if additional information is needed to determine eligibility for services.

Step 3

OLA will contact you to schedule an appointment after all necessary documents are received and reviewed.

Step 4

Attend an appointment with the Learning Assistance Coordinator to determine appropriate accommodations based on the submitted documentation and a discussion of your needs.

Step 5

Pick up Accommodation Letter and deliver to your professors. The accommodation letter will list your recommended accommodations (not details of your disability).

Step 6

Schedule a meeting with each of your professors to discuss the recommended accommodations in each class.

*Returning students must fill out the Request For Accommodation Letter form online at the beginning of each semester to receive services.