Developmental Studies program

The developmental studies program provides academic assistance in the fields of English, mathematics, reading and study skills for students who are admitted to the university on a provisional basis and for students admitted unconditionally but who need additional support in these academic areas based on placement test scores.

Placement into any of the developmental studies courses is based on the Accuplacer® placement exam. This test is administered to students when they come to campus to register for courses. If a student is unable to physically visit the campus and schedule classes, this placement can be taken at another testing facility.

If a student is in a leveling course, he or she must complete the course with a “C” or better. Courses included in the developmental studies program are developmental English, developmental reading, developmental math and foundations of university life. This last course is required and available only to students admitted to the university provisionally. All other students are required to take University Seminar (UNS 1001).

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