Learning Assistance Services

Howard Payne University is committed to equal access to educational opportunities for students with disabilities. In accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990, the Office Learning Assistance (OLA) provides equal access to educational programs and safeguards against discrimination for qualified students with disabilities. University programs and activities are conducted in such a manner that no otherwise qualified disabled individual shall, solely by reason of a disability, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subject to discrimination under any such program or activity.

Academic accommodations for each student are determined by OLA on an individual basis, with input from qualified professionals. Accommodations are intended to level the playing field for students with disabilities, while maintaining the academic integrity and standards set by the University.

Getting Started

Information for Prospective Students – Academic accommodations are individualized for qualified students who are registered with our office. To help answer any questions you may have about accommodations with our office, we have compiled a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions for prospective students. If you have further questions, please contact our office.

New Student Checklist – Download this checklist (PDF) for step-by-step instructions on how to help us assist you with your needs.

Registering for Services – In order to process requests in a timely manner and for the Office of Learning Assistance (OLA) to assist you as you make your transition to our campus, we request that you follow these six steps as you register for services.

Temporary Accommodation Services – Students may request accommodations for temporary disabilities including, but not limited to, broken limbs, burns, post-surgery recovery, and other similar conditions that temporarily impair or influence a student’s ability to fully participate in academic activities. Click here for more details.