All-Steinway School campaign

All-Steinway School Campaign

Howard Payne University is continuing its legacy as a top private Christian university in the Heart of Texas as it strives to become a prestigious “All-Steinway School” with quality, world-renown pianos throughout its music education program.

HPU would like to join the list of other universities who have been designated as All-Steinway Schools in order to be able to take advantage of the reputation, quality and lifespan of pianos designed by Steinway & Sons.

In order to become an All-Steinway School, HPU must:

  • Replace 26 pianos – both grand and upright. This is at an estimated replacement cost of
    $945,000 to meet the requirement that 90% or more of its acoustic pianos are Steinway & Sons, Boston or Essex pianos
  • Place new Steinway pianos in performance spaces and piano teaching studios, while placing Steinway-designed pianos in all other teaching studios, classrooms and practice rooms;
  • Implement a regular maintenance and inspection program with Steinway & Sons; and
  • Garner philanthropic and community support for the replacement project and piano maintenance costs.

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Download the HPU All-Steinway Case Statement (PDF) to learn more about HPU’s campaign to become a prestigious All-Steinway School.

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Contact HPU’s Office of Institutional Advancement to learn more about supporting HPU’s All-Steinway School campaign.

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