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HPU announces addition of new program in software engineering

BROWNWOOD – March 25, 2021 – Howard Payne University has announced a new four-year software engineering program that will begin in the 2021 fall semester. The addition was finalized following the HPU Board of Trustees meeting early in the spring semester.

Graduates from the program will earn a Bachelor of Science degree in software engineering. Students will develop skills in computer programming, embedded systems design, computer architecture, the Internet of Things, software metrics and artificial intelligence. The software engineering major will be offered through HPU’s School of Science and Mathematics in a collaboration between the Department of Computer Information Systems and the Department of Engineering.

“I am very pleased that this new program is being made available to our students,” said Dr. Cory Hines, HPU president. “The addition of this major is an important part of our commitment to keep pace with advancements and changes in the professional workforce.”

Dr. Martin Mintchev, chair of the newly established Department of Engineering and professor of engineering, said the new program will equip students with skills that will be applicable to a broad range of specializations.

“Software engineering addresses the practical application of scientific knowledge to the creative design and building of software programs and applications, which, in their broad utilization, can also monitor, process and control diverse engineering, even natural, processes,” said Dr. Mintchev. “It also includes the development of associated optimization and documentation needed for developing, operating and maintaining such complex software systems.”

Dr. Mintchev expressed his appreciation for the university’s commitment to the new program.

“The approval evidences the commitment of Howard Payne University to provide in-depth, modern and ABET-compliant software engineering education to future graduates,” he said. “These graduates will be able to respond to the high demand for professionals in the area immediately upon graduation, not only in the state of Texas but also nationwide.”

In 2019, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projected 22% growth by 2029 in the number of software engineering positions in the workforce. Dr. Lester Towell, chair of HPU’s Department of Computer Information Systems and professor of computer information systems, noted the positive job outlook for the field and the numerous areas of professional opportunity within software engineering.

“The field is incredibly broad and allows graduates to pursue a variety of career roles related to computers, applications and systems,” said Dr. Towell. “The future job outlook is amazing and provides graduates the opportunity to choose the area or areas that interest them most.”

Dr. Towell added that software engineering is great for students who enjoy teamwork and troubleshooting of complex computer and software systems.

Dr. Gerry Clarkson, dean of the School of Science and Mathematics and professor of science, said that the addition of the software engineering program will help broaden opportunities for HPU students.

“The software engineering program is an exciting addition to our offerings at HPU,” said Dr. Clarkson. “It provides another option in the field of engineering and is a good fit with our programs in computer information systems and engineering science. Software engineering is a field that has tremendous employment potential for our future graduates. Dr. Mintchev is doing great things for our engineering program and the addition of the software engineering program is another example of this. I look forward to the growth of this program at HPU.”

Information on HPU’s School of Science and Mathematics is available at Visit for more information about HPU’s newly established Department of Engineering.


Photo cutline: HPU’s new four-year software engineering program will begin in fall 2021.