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HPU student Doug Turner finishes third in simulated business competition

Howard Payne University senior Doug Turner recently competed and finished third place in his industry in the Glo-Bus Best Strategy Invitational. The two-week-long online competition involved 67 teams and individuals from institutions of higher education around the world.

Turner, a business administration major from Early, was among competitors selected from among the top tier of the 3,973 participants in the general Glo-Bus simulation.

“The simulation was a valuable tool for practicing real-world skills and decisions in a safe environment,” he said. “I personally used it to test a theory about succeeding in the market while still compensating employees generously. HPU provides an excellent balance of sound business lessons and Christian ethics, demonstrating that we do not necessarily need to choose between our Christianity and success in our chosen field.”

Students in HPU’s business capstone class, instructed by Dr. Powell, participate each year in Glo-Bus’ business simulation non-competitively during the course of 10 weeks. Each participant from HPU is tasked with making decisions for a simulated global company, including managing production, marketing, corporate stock, loans and corporate social responsibility.

“The Glo-Bus business simulation is a valuable experience that shows the students how all of their business decisions interact to affect many different parts and results of the company,” said Dr. Debra Powell, associate professor of business. “Doug is a quick learner and picked up on the relationships in the simulation very well. He also did an excellent job managing the company for the 10-week simulation in class.”

Applications are still being accepted for the fall 2019 semester at Howard Payne University ( For more information about HPU, including the wide range of available financial aid options, contact HPU’s Office of Admission at 325-649-8020 or by e-mail at

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