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HPU’s Pre-College Music and Art Program students present recital and art walk

BROWNWOOD – May 6, 2016 – Howard Payne University’s Pre-College Music and Art Program recently held a student recital featuring 40 students. These students performed piano, vocal and saxophone solos and duets in Howard Payne’s Grace Chapel. The HPU Pre-College art students displayed some of their work in the foyer of the chapel.

“The music and art in Grace Chapel was truly amazing,” said Diane Owens, director of the program and adjunct instructor in the School of Music and Fine Arts. “There was a nice balance of contemporary and classical styles and our students gave outstanding performances.”

Following the performances, students received awards and recognitions. Texas state theory test awards were given on four levels: gold, silver, bronze and theory pin awards. The gold-medal winners, with a grade of 98-101, were Andrew Boren, Vic Cooper, Kirsten Fijer, Kyle Ivy and Cate Smith. The silver-medal winners, with a grade of 95-97, were Michael Morales, Natalie Rose and Sam Woods. The bronze-medal winner, with a grade of 90-94, was Sarah Reeves. Theory-pin winners, with a grade of 70-89 or those taking below their level, were James Bautista, Hannah Bessent, Nathan Bull, Michelle Cabrera, Angie Calfa, Christian Fijer, Alex Fowler, Leila Gautier, Jaycie Hubbard, David McKee, Kylee Medina, Marti Millwee, Sydney Neel, Hannah Parson, Kourtney Peacock, Drew Reynolds, Jordan Roberts, Carli Shoen and Ava Sparks-Hansen.

Texas Federated Music Clubs Junior Festival awards were given for piano solos. Those in the superior-rating competitive category included James Bautista, Nathan Bull, Vic Cooper, Christian Fijer, Alex Fowler, Leila Gautier, Jaycee Hubbard, Kyle Ivy, Kamry Keese, Kylee Medina, Addison Miller, Aishwarya Nigalye, Hannah Parson, Sarah Reeves, Jordan Roberts, Cate Smith, Ava Sparks-Hansen and Sam Woods. Students in the excellent-rating competitive category were Andrew Boren and Michael Morales. In the non-competitive category receiving a superior rating were Angie Calfa, Natalee Rose and Carli Shoen.

TFMC Junior Festival awards were also given for vocal solos in musical theatre. Students in the superior-rating competitive category included Hannah Bessent, Angie Calfa, Kirsten Fijer, Alex Fowler, Kamry Keese, Marti Millwee, Sydney Neel, Sarah Reeves, Drew Reynolds, Jordan Roberts and Ava Sparks-Hansen. For vocal solos in the art-song category, Angie Calfa received a superior-rating competitive category award.

Gold cups were also given for piano and vocal solos. Tony Calfa and Hannah Parson each were 15-point gold cup recipients; Vic Cooper, Addison Miller and Sarah Reeves were each 30-point gold cup recipients; and Sam Woods was the 45-point gold cup recipient. Alex Fowler, Addison Miller and Jordan Roberts were each 15-point gold cup recipients for their vocal solos in musical theatre. Addison Miller was the 15-point gold cup winner and Angie Calfa was the 30-point gold cup winner for their vocal solos in art song.

Art show students included Bella Attaway, Hayden Deen, Jaycie Hubbard, Aryn Lesley and Jim Riggs.

“Thanks go out to the parents and friends who support these talented young people and a special thanks to all the teachers who are so dedicated to making the Pre-College Music and Art Program such a success,” said Owens. “We are already looking forward to next year.”

The Pre-College Music and Art Program serves the Brownwood community by offering music and art lessons to children and adults. For more information, contact Diane Owens at (325) 649-8501 or