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About the Department of English

To become an English major or minor at Howard Payne is to join a group of people, both faculty and students, who are keenly interested in stories, who appreciate the value of clear and powerful writing, who craft persuasive arguments, and who draw upon literature both as a source of wisdom and as a challenge to the status quo. These traits will serve one well in the job market (see our “Employment” link above) but will also ignite the sort of passion that makes college a personally transformative experience, rather than “just a degree.”

A Bachelor of Arts in English gives students a broad introduction to the major works of English, American, and global literature, and develops skills in writing and research. For those with wider interests, our major in English is only 30 hours, making it an ideal fit for a double major, while an English or Writing minor is only 18 hours. Since nine of those hours are required of all students at Howard Payne, an English major or minor is a wise addition to almost any degree plan.

If you are a person who loves to read, who desires to write well, who is energized by the discussion of significant ideas, then choose from the links above to learn more about the faculty of the English department, alumni testimonials, and the employability of the degree. Feel free to email Dr. Rodney Stephens, chair of the department, with any questions, or to arrange to visit a class.

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