Amigos Unidos Club

The Amigos Unidos Club at Howard Payne is comprised of students who have an interest in the Spanish language and Hispanic culture. We sponsor activities that promote understanding and goodwill among different ethnic groups and enhance creativity through diversity. The club sponsors films, festivals, activities and travel to provide authentic Hispanic cultural experiences and to disseminate the traditions and customs of the Spanish-speaking community. We also enjoy fellowship by sponsoring the Spanish coffee hour, La hora del café. During La hora, students gather to learn about Hispanic culture, play entertaining and interesting games, meet other students, practice helpful Spanish words and phrases, and enjoy delicious refreshments and snacks. We invite you to take part in this fun activity with Amigos Unidos! As always, you do not need to speak Spanish in order to join this special group.

The Amigos Unidos Club also strives to achieve the following:


  1. To promote peace through understanding among all people of different ethnicities.
  2. To seek creativity through diversity and to improve and expand upon the efforts towards
    diversity awareness.
  3. To celebrate Hispanic culture and endorse interest in the study of Spanish.
  4. To engage in cultural activities and participate in services to our community.

If you are interested in becoming a member of Amigos Unidos please contact Dr. Danny Brunette-López, sponsor of the club, at 325-646-8176 or via email at

¡Gracias y bienvenidos!

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