Model United Nations Program

Model United Nations

Howard Payne University is pleased to offer a unique and enriching opportunity to practice viewing the world through someone else’s eyes. Through Model United Nations conferences across the nation and around the world, MUN students learn to view political, legal, economic, and human rights issues from the perspectives of just about every nation but their own. This stretches the mind, teaches both research and analysis skills, and–especially through travel–creates a unique cultural experience.

In addition to hosting its own conference in 2012 and 2013, HPU’s MUN team has performed with recognition at recent conferences in San Francisco, Chicago, Vancouver (CAN), Nottingham (UK), Olomuc (CZR), Istanbul (TUR), Stockholm (SWE), and Rome (ITA).

Membership is competitive and spots are limited. For more information please contact Dr. Matthew McNiece.

HPU MUN Conference

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