Alumni Testimonials

Catherine (Kmac) Mullaney — Masters student, Creative Writing, Northwestern University. Howard Payne Class of 2014

I am currently pursuing a Masters degree at Northwestern University in Illinois and taking the L to Barnes and Noble when I want to get crazy. HPU’s English Department has a very special place in my heart. Every single professor in the department, whether I took a class with them or not, made time to invest in my education and contributed positively to my experience at Howard Payne. It was in English classes that I found my voice, formed lasting friendships, and learned valuable lessons about life and literature from some pretty incredible human beings. I will forever be indebted to the English professors at Howard Payne who equipped me to continue my education and critically engage with texts and ideas that make up the story we sometimes call life.

Kristin N. Warthen—East District Administrator, Central Texas Conference United Methodist Church. Howard Payne Class of 2004

As a student at Brite Divinity School, I find myself continually reaching back into the language, literature, and grammar lessons learned at Howard Payne. The professors in the HPU English department not only strengthened my language skills, they stretched my understanding of language and theology and cultivated an awareness of the beautiful dance the two undertake in our daily lives. It is that awareness that drives my theological studies and the way I approach pastoral care and counseling today—knowing the lasting, powerful impact words and their use can have our lives.

Zachary Ingle — Ph.D. student, Film and Media Studies, University of Kansas. Howard Payne Class of 2001

I am currently writing my dissertation in Film and Media Studies at the University of Kansas. The English department has long been one of HPU’s strongest departments, with tremendous teaching and scholarship. My professors from over ten years ago are still in contact with me, always encouraging my growth as a scholar. There were professors such as Glenn Hopp, who, despite his heavy teaching load each semester, cared enough to stay active and write books on what would become my field of choice, film. He was an inspiration for me and I am where I am today primarily because of him.

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