Department of Spanish and Hispanic Studies

Department of Spanish-Hispanic Studies

About the Department

¡Bienvenidos! The Department of Spanish and Hispanic Studies at Howard Payne offers students a well-rounded, enriching Christian education with regard to the Spanish language and Hispanic literature and culture. Aside from basic elementary and intermediate courses, advanced classes in conversation, composition, literature and culture and civilization of both Spain and Spanish America are offered. All of these practical and useful courses are taught to students who desire to become proficient in the Spanish language and gain cultural knowledge of the Spanish-speaking world. Additionally, having the ability to communicate in Spanish and be multicultural is an added benefit since many prospective employers seek candidates who are able to communicate with a broader range of people in their respective communities and beyond. Currently the department offers a Spanish minor that will combine well with any major offered at Howard Payne.

The department offers exciting extracurricular opportunities for students to enjoy such as regional field trips to area cities such as San Antonio, Fort Worth or El Paso where there are high concentrations of Hispanic cultural events and celebrations. Additional activities include the Amigos Unidos Club, the Spanish coffee hour La hora del café, Spanish internships and opportunities for international travel to countries such as Spain and Costa Rica. We also celebrate very special events of the Hispanic world such as El día de los muertos (Day of the Dead) as well as recognize the importance of Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15-October 15.

We hope that you will consider becoming part of a tight-knit group of students at HPU, and if you decide to minor in Spanish, you will cross paths with other students who have the same aspirations of communicating and being proficient in a second language. It is not only useful and practical in a global society, but impressive and beautiful to have the ability to speak with others from around the world!

Department of Spanish-Hispanic Studies

Spanish Courses

See below for the list of Spanish courses typically offered.

18 hours required for Spanish minor

SPA 1311 – Elementary Spanish I (Fall)*
SPA 1312 – Elementary Spanish II (Spring)*
SPA 2311 – Intermediate Spanish (Fall)*
SPA 2320 – Spanish Conversation for Oral Proficiency (Spring)*
SPA 2313 – Spanish for Law Enforcement**
SPA 3331 – Spanish Culture & Civilization
SPA 3332 – Spanish-American Culture & Civilization
SPA 3350 – Advanced Grammar & Composition
SPA 3352 – Introduction to Hispanic Literature
SPA 4301 – Survey of Spanish Literature
SPA 4312 – Spanish Internship
SPA 4321 – Survey of Spanish-American Literature

*Must be taken by all minors
**For criminal justice majors


Please contact Dr. Danny Brunette-López if you would like information about the Spanish minor at HPU. You may contact him at 325-649-8176 or through e-mail at

Thank you for your consideration as you make important decisions about your university studies and future plans.

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