American Political Studies

Social Science American Political Studies Major

The Social Science-American Political Studies Major consists of the following required and elective courses:

Social Science Major Core (18 hours)

HIS 1320 U.S. History since 1877; HIS/GOV 2308 Research and Writing in the Social Sciences; GOV 2311 American Government; GOV 2390 Legislative Process; GOV 3301 American Jurisprudence; GOV 3381 Political Theory

History Electives (6-9 hours selected from the following)

HIS 3310 Colonial America and the American Revolution

HIS 3332 The Early Republic, 1783-1848

HIS 3340 Civil War and Reconstruction

HIS 3355 The Gilded Age and Progressive Era, 1877-1920

HIS 4325 The Age of FDR, 1920-1945

HIS 4381 Post-War America, 1945-1974

Government Electives (12-15 hours selected from the following)

GOV 2350 Political Economy

GOV 3350 Economic Theory and Policy Analysis

GOV 3390 Topics in Law

HIS/GOV 4304 American Political Culture

GOV 4354 Constitutional Theory I: Powers

GOV 4344 Constitutional Theory II: Rights

HIS/GOV 4389 U.S. Foreign Policy and I.R. Theory

HIS/GOV 4392 Christianity, Ethics, and Politics in America

Social Science Major Capstone (3 hours)

HIS/GOV 4382 Contemporary U.S. History and Politics

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