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Business Administration at HPU NB

The Business Administration program is designed to help equip and prepare students for a variety of fields. Students will cover many topics of study including accounting, project management, business law, ethics and more. Students are also encouraged to complete an internship to gain hands-on understanding of their desired industry.

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  • Accounting
  • Business Law
  • Ethics
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  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
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Bachelor of Business Administration

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration requirements include:
General Education Requirements: 45 hours
Additional Degree Requirements: 12 hours
Major Degree Requirements: 30-36 hours
Courses include Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Financial Management, International Business, Business Law, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics and others. For more information about specific courses required, we encourage you to schedule a visit to speak with an admission counselor or university advisor.
Optional Minor: 18-24 hours
Electives (with optional minor): 7-19 hours
Electives (without optional minor): 31-37 hours
Total Degree Requirements: 124 hours

Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences in Business Administration

The BAAS degree option gives students the ability to have technical/vocational courses reviewed for credit. Accepted courses may only qualify for elective credit if they are from vocational/technical schools, or by assessment of credit from a non-collegiate setting such as TCOLE, generally recognized by the American Council on Education.

Students choosing this route will be required to complete 45 hours of General Education requirements and at least 36 hours in courses offered in the School of Business. All Bachelor degrees at Howard Payne University must meet 124 hours to qualify for graduation. The remaining 43 hours may be taken in elective and/or an optional minor.

For review of credit, please submit all vocational/technical and/or TCOLE transcripts for evaluation.

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