Biological Sciences

About the Biological Sciences Department

The Department of Biological Sciences offers a challenging curriculum leading to Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degrees. The purpose of the department is to prepare well-educated biologists who will be competitive in their particular endeavor: medicine, health professions, and/or graduate school. 

Students majoring in biology or biomedical science enjoy small class sizes, hands-on lab experiences, advising/mentorship from your biology professors, and opportunities to develop lifelong friendships with your classmates.

A Biology major is useful for:

  • Employment
    • Such as biology teacher or research lab technician
  • Background for allied health fields (requires additional courses at another school)
    • Such as hospital lab technician
  • Graduate schools (master or doctorate degrees)
    • Such as biology or public health

A Biomedical Science major is useful for:

  • Overlap with health profession schools requirements
    • Such as medical, dental, optometry, physical therapy, or veterinary medicine schools
  • Graduate schools (master or doctorate degrees)
    • Such as biomedical science or animal science

The Biology Faculty:

  • Have a wide range of backgrounds
  • Teach courses for freshmen to seniors
  • Teach labs as well as lectures
  • Serve as academic advisors for biology and biomedical science majors
  • Serve as research advisors for student’s individual research projects

More Information:

See our additional web pages for more information about the department.

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