Prepharmacy Studies Plan

Chemistry with Biochemistry Concentration is recommended for students interested in attending pharmacy school. This is an excellent preparatory curriculum for pharmacy school, as well as graduate studies in pharmacology research or work in the pharmaceutical industry. For the pre-professional requirements for entrance into professional schools such as pharmacy, students should consult with their academic advisors as to selection of courses for their areas of interest. Because entrance requirements into professional school change from time to time, Howard Payne University cannot guarantee that it can offer every course required for entrance into all professional pharmacy school programs at all universities. Students should consult course catalogs of universities that they may wish to attend to determine specific course requirements for admission.

Prepharmacy is not a major. To obtain a Bachelor of Science degree from Howard Payne University through the School of Science and Mathematics, students may major in biology, chemistry, chemistry/biochemistry, and complete all general education requirements, plus all the course requirements for their major.

Suggested Plan for Students Considering Pharmacy School

Fall – Freshman Year (16 hours)

  • ENG 1311 English Composition I
  • GEN 1101 University Seminar
  • BIO 1459 General Biology
  • MAT 1351 College Algebra
  • CHE 1479 General Chemistry I
  • ESS 1100 Personal Fitness & Wellness

Spring – Freshman Year (18 hours)

  • ENG 1312 English Composition II
  • MAT 2345 Precalculus
  • BIB 1304 New Testament
  • BIO 1479 General Animal Biology
  • CHE 1489 General Chemistry II
  • ESS x1xx  ESS Class A

Fall – Sophomore Year (17 hours)

  • MUS 1353 Music Appreciation
  • CIS 1339 Intro to Computer Information Systems
  • MAT 2451 Calculus I
  • CHE 2331/2139 Organic Chemistry I with Lab
  • COM 1310 Fundamentals of Human Communication

Spring – Sophomore Year (17 hours)

  • ENG 23xx Literature
  • PSY 1311 Intro to Psychology OR SOC 1311 Intro to Sociology
  • HIS 13xx U.S. History
  • CHE 2341/2149 Organic Chemistry II with Lab
  • BIO 3429 Cell Biology

Fall – Junior Year (15 hours)

  • MAT 2342 Intro to Probability and Statistics OR SCI 2318 Biostatistics
  • CHE 3469 Quantitative Chemistry
  • ESS x1xx Class A or Class B
  • CHE 4439 Biochemistry I
  • BIB 1303 Old Testament

Spring – Junior Year (13/14 hours)

  • BIO 4340 Neurobiology OR BIO 3419 Microbiology
  • POS 2311 American Government
  • 3 Elective Hours
  • CHE 4449 Biochemistry II

Fall – Senior Year (15 hours)

  • GEN 4100 Senior Seminar
  • CHE 3311/3119 Physical Chemistry with Lab
  • BIO 4439 Genetics
  • 6 Hours Electives

Spring – Senior Year (13 hours)

  • CHE 3321/3129 Physical Chemistry II with Lab
  • BIO 4419 Advanced Physiology OR BIO 3419 Microbiology
  • 5 hours of Electives


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