BioMedical Science Program

About the Biomedical Science Program

The Biomedical Science program at HPU is a rigorous option for students pursuing a health profession (medicine, dentistry, optometry, physical therapy, etc.) or biomedical research. The program requirements exceed the pre-requisites needed for most health profession programs, which helps set students apart in their graduate application process. Differences in the curriculum of this degree compared to the Biology major include the addition of physics, biochemistry, medical terminology, health professions seminar and a medical internship.

Program Mission Statement

To provide a strong foundation that develops well-educated, compassionate, integrity-minded medical professionals who will serve God and others as leaders in their professions and in their communities.

Enrichment Opportunities

Biomedical science majors will experience:

  • Medical internships
  • Skills clinics (suturing, blood draw, etc.)
  • Mock interviews
  • Mentorship experiences with local health professionals
  • Program visits to various professional schools in Texas

HPU Students tour and learn about the medical school, physical therapy program, and physician assistant program at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. (Spring 2019)

Joint Admission Medical Program (JAMP)

HPU is a partnering institution with JAMP, which supports Texas students in their pursuit of a medical education. JAMP students are guaranteed admission to one of the 10 Texas public medical schools. For more information, go to or talk with Dr. Kristen Hutchins, HPU’s JAMP faculty director.

Degree Information and Recommended Course Sequences

Contact Information

Dr. Kristen Hutchins
Professor and Chair of the Department of Biology

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