Faculty Bios

 SOSM (10) Dr. Pam Bryant- Dean of the School of Science and Mathematics
Email: pbryant@hputx.edu
Phone: 325-649-8152
 SOSM (4) Dr. Gerry Clarkson- Chair of the Department of Physical Sciences
Email: gclarkson@hputx.edu
Phone: 325-649-8153
 SOSM (7) Dr. Jose Romero- Chair of the Department of Mathematics
Email: jromero@hputx.edu
Phone: 325-649-8160
 SOSM (9) Dr. Lester Towell- Chair of the Department of Computer Information Systems
Email: ltowell@hputx.edu
Phone: 325-649-8165
 Younce Dr. Craig Younce- Chair of the Department of Biological Sciences
Email: cyounce@hputx.edu
Phone: 325-649-8141
 SOSM (6) Dr. Hendra Tarigan- Engineering Science Program Director
Email: htarigan@hputx.edu
Phone: 325-649-8154
 SOSM (13) Sydney Spencer- Administrative Assistant to the School of Math and Science
Email: sspencer@hputx.edu
Phone: 325-649-8400
 SOSM (14) Tim Cooper- Instructor of Multimedia Comm. & CIS
Email: tcooper@hputx.edu
Phone: 325-649-8183
 SOSM (15) Dr. Trissa Cox- Professor of Computer Information Systems
Email: tcox@hputx.edu
Phone: 325-649-8155
 SOSM (12) Scott Eddy- Instructor of Mathematics
Email: seddy@hputx.edu
Phone: 325-649-8157
 SOSM (2) Dr. Dennis Gibson II- Assistant Professor of Physical Sciences
Email: dgibson@hputx.edu
Phone: 325-64-8969
 SOSM (16) Wendy Grooms- Associate Professor of Mathematics
Email: wgrooms@hputx.edu
Phone: 325-649-8156
 SOSM (5) Dr. Gregory Hatlestad- Associate Professor of Biology
Email: ghatlestad@hputx.edu
Phone: 325-649-8162
 SOSM (8) Dr. Kristen Hutchins- Associate Professor of Biology
Email: khutchins@hputx.edu
Phone: 325-649-8158
 SOSM (1) Amy Kresta- Assistant Professor of Biology
Email: akresta@hputx.edu
Phone: 325-649-8161
 SOSM (11) Sarah Langford- Instructor of Mathematics
Email: slangford@hputx.edu
Phone: 325-649-8166
 Megarity Dr. Denny Megarity- Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Email: dmegarity@hputx.edu
Phone: 325-649-8164
 SOSM (3) Dr. Derek Smith- Associate Professor of Chemistry
Email: dsmith@hputx.edu
Phone: 325-649-8163