About the Mathematics Department

The mathematics department serves the university in two major capacities. The department prepares mathematicians to serve in education and industry and/or enter advanced study in mathematics. In addition, the department meets the needs of the general student body by giving special attention to the areas of business, computer information systems, and the natural sciences.

Courses are taught with the intent of increasing the understanding of the basic concepts of mathematics and improving competency in the application of these concepts to mathematical problem solving.

The Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Science degrees are available from the department of mathematics.

Careers in Mathematics

Career Cast ranked “Mathematician” as the #1 Career in 2014! Visit this link to read more.

What Are Graduates Saying?

“Our professors are unabashedly passionate about math and are unafraid when they don’t have the answers. They always point out that God has all the math secrets in His notebook. I love that.”  – Stephanie T. ’19

“As someone who did not like math in high school, and did not come from a math background, I found every professor in the math department at HPU to be very helpful and understanding.  They were all able to work with me to help foster growth in my mathematical career, as well as an appreciation for mathematics in general.”  – Shawn B. ’19

“The professors in the math department invested in my life and saw potential in me that I had yet to discover.  Because of their Christ-like love and support, I was able to achieve all my goals and get into my top choice graduate school.”  – Lacey E. ’19

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